Picnic at Bicentennial Park

Had lunch today with a lovely bunch of women, and a couple of brave blokes ;-), it was great to meet up with everyone! Many thanks to my darling man for amusing the kids while I sat and chatted.

In the pic, from the left, are Lorries, me, Jessmac, Aempson, Kerryh and Blownupdoll. Jessmac’s and my other halves were doing the photo taking 🙂

3 Responses to “Picnic at Bicentennial Park”

  1. Rae says:

    Wow Mim, you are looking fantastic and have done so well so far, keep up the great effort!
    and those 22 pants are looking quite baggy, better go shopping!! 🙂
    It must have been so motivating and enjoyable all meeting up like that, how exciting!
    Have a great week!
    Rae 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    Mim, you are looking great! Well done on your sensational loss so far.

    Can’t believe there is another Joss Whedon fan on the 30+ board!!!I am a big fan of his work, but always feel like I am way older than most of his viewers, LOL! Good to know I’m not on my own!!!


  3. Jami says:

    Sunny days in the park having picnics with friends – I love days like that!

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