Fruit mince pies mmmmm….

Fruit Mince Pies
(makes up to 36 depending on how thin you roll the pastry)
3 cups plain flour
1 cup icing sugar, sifted
225g butter, diced
3 – 4 tablespoons iced water
icing sugar for dusting

2 x 410g jar of Robertson’s traditional fruit mince (you need about 1 3/4 jars)

1. Preheat the oven to 180 °C. Brush 3 12-cup shallow patty tins lightly with melted butter.

2. Place flour, sugar and butter in a food processor. Process until the mixture is fine and crumbly. Add almost all the water and process until the mixture comes together. Turn onto a lightly floured surface, press together until smooth. Roll out 1/2 the pastry (about 1/4 at a time is managable, I place baking paper over the top so it doesn’t stick to the rolling pin) and cut with a round biscuit cutter. Fit the circles into prepared tins.

3. Fill pastry cases with fruit mince – don’t overfill.

4. Roll out remaining pastry, cut with the same cutter and place circles on tops of pies, press edges to seal, prick with a fork to let steam escape. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden. Leave in tins for 5 minutes and then carefully lift out with a knife and allow to cool on wire racks. Dust tops lightly with icing sugar.

3 Responses to “Fruit mince pies mmmmm….”

  1. yodaobi says:

    OOOH!!!! I hope you can resist those tasty looking pies!

    I’m feelin sooo bloated! I had wedges for lunch to try sop up the evils of the staff Christmas doo last night.

    Will have a REALLLY light dinner tonight to make up for it.
    Maybe some cerial.


    I’m always so amazed at how you can do all these creative things. I’m making brownies for christmas… From a packet… Just add water and an egg!

    Hope it’s ok… I’ll probably burn them or something..


  2. suze2000 says:

    *grabby hands*

  3. Mim says:

    I’ve revised the cooking time from 25 minutes down to 20 minutes. I must have still had my old oven when I wrote this recipe down.

    Resist them? Bugger that! I never want more than one in one day though, so it’s not too bad having them around. And those packet mix brownies – I make them too and very nice they are, in fact they’re the only things I bake that Caitlin will actually eat!

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