Menu plan 11 Feb 08

There was mixed success with sticking to last week’s plan. The tuna and rice bake was a hit with Tom, the others seemed to think I was poisoning them, the spiced snapper was a little better received with Caitlin being the only one not to try it. Friday night I went out for dinner so Adam ordered pizza and Sunday we were totally disorganised so we went with spag bol instead.

BBQ steak, jacket potato, corn on the cob and salad. Dessert: Fruit & jelly.
Beef goulash, noodles and steamed veg. Dessert: Fruit & yogurt.
Proscuitto wrapped pork fillet, mashed potato and salad. Dessert: Fresh fruit.

Veal casserole & rice. Dessert: Fruit & yogurt. – Crockpot time! I’m out of the house nearly all day so I’d rather not have to worry about food in the afternoon.
Grilled fish and homemade potato wedges. Dessert: Ice cream & fruit.
Fajitas. Dessert: Fresh fruit.
Baked leg of lamb with all the trimmings. Dessert: Apple pie & custard. – The classic Sunday roast, which I almost never do on a Sunday, might even have it at lunchtime.

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