Menu plan 3 Mar 08

As usual, firstly a review of last week. What I thought was frozen veal casserole turned out to be beef goulash so that was a bit of a surprise on Thursday (no-one minded though). I still didn’t get a decent grocery shop done early in the week and when I should have been out on Friday picking up the makings of homemade hamburgers and steak and kidney I was at home waiting for the new dishwasher to be delivered (it arrived safely, it fits and it works like a dream) so we ended up having a left-overs night and then spag bol on Saturday. We’ll have the hamburgers tonight. As for the week ahead….

Baked dinner – leg of lamb and all the usual good stuff – special request from Tom
Plum pudding and custard – we still have some left in the freezer
Steak and kidney & mashed potato – attempt number two, my dad comes to dinner on Tuesdays, he’ll appreciate this even if no-one else does
Fruit & yoghurt
Oven baked cajun fish, chips & salad
Jelly & fruit

Crockpot chicken curry & rice- I googled crockpot chicken curry and this one popped up so I thought I’d try it.
Fruit & yoghurt
Homemade pizza
Fresh fruit
BBQ steak, sausages and salad
Fruit & yoghurt
Stir fry pork & veg with rice
Fruit & yogurt

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  1. Lisa66 says:

    I’ve bookmarked the chicken curry recipe, Mim. I might give that one a go too.

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