Menu plan 25 Aug 08

Last weeks plan didn’t survive the “I don’t want what you’re cooking” incident. I was so exhausted on Friday (this going to work business is killing me) that I went to bed and left Adam to cook the sausages he’d rejected the night before. Tonight the plan is to grab a quick meal out before going to the movies. Caitlin and I are going to see Mamma Mia, the boys may or may not join us.

Adam is off to the US on Monday so I’m looking to keep things as easy as possible this week, he gets back on Sunday morning.

Oven baked crumbed chicken, noodles & steamed veg
Fruit & yoghurt
Spaghetti bolognese & salad
Fruit & yoghurt
Crockpot coconut beef, rice and steamed veg – attempt number 2
Chicken Korma curry & rice
Fruit & yoghurt
Japanese takeaway
Fruit & yoghurt
Soup & bread – we’re having lunch at Lowenbrau for Nixy’s 40th, I don’t anticipate needing much by way of dinner.
Shepherds pie
Bread & butter pudding

2 Responses to “Menu plan 25 Aug 08”

  1. suze2000 says:

    I’m curious as to what happened to your first attempt at the crockpot dish?

  2. Mim says:

    What happened? Nothing. Literally 🙂 It was in the part of last week’s plan that didn’t happen. I often have meals planned that just keep shifting to the next week’s menu. It’s good to be flexible 😉

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