Dinner at Grandma’s place

At the end of the meal tonight Caitlin was standing next to my mum having a cuddle.

Caitlin: “Are you wearing perfume?”

Grandma: “I did put some on this morning, can you still smell it?”

Caitlin: “Yes!”

Grandma: “What does it smell like?”

Caitlin: “ROCKMELON!”

*cue much hilarity*

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  1. yodaobi says:

    Yummy Granny!

    OOh I had a German Shephard who LOVED that game. The trick is to always have two toys. Dont you love the way Clara bows as if saying “you don’t know which way I’m going to spring… Am I going this way? NO sucker, ha ha Can’t catch me!”
    Lully vid Mim

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