Never do anything by halves

Or even just plain old wholes apparently.

Somehow NaBloPoMo’s 30 posts in 30 days turned into 41 posts in 30 days. What can I say? Once you’re floundering for something of interest to post pretty much anything starts to look post-worthy! It’s been fun, I’ve found new blogs to read and I’ve spent way too much time sitting on the lounge with my laptop on my knee and the dog cuddled up against my leg and there’s been a whole heap of new traffic here in my little corner of the net. It’s been lovely to “meet” those of you who have left comments, thank you for dropping by 🙂

Now, I suppose I’d better get on with the stuff on my to do list for today, first up – wash the dog!

6 Responses to “Never do anything by halves”

  1. Jenwah says:

    Well done Mim!

  2. Nap Mom says:

    Yeah! You did it!

  3. yodaobi says:


    We did it


    I thought I did well doing 31 posts in 30 days… ACTUALLY if you count the three posts I did yesterday it’s more.


  4. Susan says:

    Congratulations Mim! I am very impressed. 🙂

    (My random word verification for today is – spewan. Just saying)

  5. Korechronicles says:

    Great work Mim, we made it! But your exceeding expectations has seriously impressed me.

  6. Bogsider says:

    Congrats to you Mim as well. I also made more posts than the 30 I was “supposed” to do. And I have gotten around the blogosphere a lot, which I have truly enjoyed.

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