Pride and Twitterverse

I’ve twittered a link to this already (as is only right) but just in case any of you manage to miss that either on Twitter or Facebook I feel it is imperative that I share this thing of beauty here on my blog as well.

Thanks to a link in Tigtog’s regular feature Femmostroppo Reader I found my way to Under the Mad Hat where I have been privileged to read her creation entitled Pride and Twitterverse.

Some favourite snippets:

A Mr Bingley–worth 50,000 followers a year–has joined Twitter! He’s brought a friend, Mr Darcy–worth 100,000 followers a year! Pls RT


@CharlotteL Of course. I’ll even visit you on Facebook but promise me I won’t have to read Mr Collins’ blog.


Am taking a social networking webinar paid for by my Aunt & Uncle. Hope to learn lots.

@JaneB Get this! We have to review Darcy’s blog. He has the most beautiful template I’ve ever seen.

Go, read the whole thing!

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  1. Sophie in the Moonlight says:

    OMFG!!! that was brilliant! Thank you so much for linking this.

    I'm going to print that out and put it in my dog-eared, oft-read copy of P & P.

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