Holiday snippets

We’ve just got back from a trip up to Brisbane for Abbey Medieval Festival and then back via Armidale where we stayed for a few days at Cruickshanks Cottage.

While we were away the following things happened:

  • Adam took up spinning.
  • Tom finally got his own back-strap weaving kit (he’s been waiting a whole year).
  • I finished reading The Handmaid’s Tale and was somewhat underwhelmed.
  • I re-read Native Tongue 3 just in case it wasn’t as bad as I remembered. It was, if not worse.
  • We acquired a pleasing collection of stuff to add to our re-enactment gear.
  • Tom got bitten by a horse.
  • Tom engaged me in a discussion of the ethics of the fur-trade right in the middle of a fur-trader’s market stall, I did not try to avoid or put off the conversation.
  • All 3 kids had the lurgi.
  • We watched sheep shearing, fed the chooks, annoyed some cows, were stared at by alpacas, spotted a furtive fox, and made good use of our viking hats to avoid frozen ears. Mid-winter in Armidale is cold.

Photos and elaborations will probably follow at some point.

3 Responses to “Holiday snippets”

  1. yodaobi says:

    HOLDING breath for photos!!!
    Sounds like a fun and not so fun time.
    Pity you didn't have something AWESOME to read. Hey looks like I spy pix on your flicker…

  2. yodaobi says:


    Looks like fun too!

  3. Penny says:

    Looking forward tos eeing the photos with elaboration!
    Armidale is where my Dad went to uni and my gparents lived for years and years.

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