Spotted in Waitara this morning

An enormous 4WD thingy (I’m so not a car person) with the following things plastered across its rear end:

A fish symbol
A sticker with the text “Sportsmen for McCain”
A sticker with the text “McCain + Palin”
A Scouts decal

I was…disconcerted. Has someone gone and developed a teleportation device or something? ‘Cause that vehicle seemed a little out of place – though, sadly, only a little.

(I may be paraphrasing on the sticker texts, I did consider taking a photo but on reflection I thought perhaps better not.)

3 Responses to “Spotted in Waitara this morning”

  1. Penthe says:

    Wouldn't it, though, be just like someone with stickers like that to invent teleporting, and then use it to transport their 4WD?

  2. Eternal Lizdom says:

    That is weird. I've been dreaming of sending all of those types off to an island but I hadn't wanted to torture poor Australia!

  3. Dina says:

    That is so scary and surreal. I think they might be to blame for the dust storm.

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