A few words from an Ethics trial class student

My niece attends one of the schools involved in the Ethics classes trial. Yesterday her mum posted a photo on Facebook of an article appearing in their local Village Voice newspaper in which Annika is quoted on the subject of the ethics classes.

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“I think the ethics classes are really fun,” Leichhardt Year 5 student Annika Rees said. “The teacher gives us situations like whether we think something is fair or not, and then we discuss the topic and give our own opinions. It’s important because it gives us an opportunity to see other people’s point of view and perspectives on things without anyone being right or wrong. That means we feel like we won’t be judged on our answers and gives us a chance to justify what our perspectives are.”

So there you go, a small glimpse of the view from inside the Ethics classes trial 🙂

(Also, way to go Annika!)

2 Responses to “A few words from an Ethics trial class student”

  1. Deborah says:

    What an excellent comment from Annika.

  2. Ariane says:

    I'd say St James Ethics Centre would be pretty happy with that – mission accomplished!

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