In lieu of content I bring you Friday Fragments and a belated DUFC

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It’s been a long week, the short version goes like this:

It’s a good thing I have Twitter and Facebook to record my life for me, I’d have been hard pressed to dredge all that up just from memory.

The 25th Down Under Feminists Carnival was hosted this month by Rachel at Musings of an Inappropriate Woman.

5 Responses to “In lieu of content I bring you Friday Fragments and a belated DUFC”

  1. mimbles says:

    By the way, I'll be doing my Friday Fragments reading and commenting rounds later in the weekend – that equilibrium I mentioned is a little fragile so I'm taking it easy for a bit longer.

  2. brainella says:

    Up is the best movie. I love it!

    I cannot sing. I've always wanted to but know just how bad it is. 🙂 No delusions there. Lots elsewhere but not there.

    Have a fantastic weekend.

  3. Doreen McGettigan says:

    Sounds like you have had quite a full week! I loved Up also and Shrek. My husband's niece arrived from Australia last night at midnight with her husband and her 10 month old baby. 200 or so family members are headed to the beach for a week..our annual family reunion..I always need a vacation when I get back!

  4. cat says:

    You have had such a busy week! Wow, Caitlin is amazing.

  5. Mrs4444 says:

    Singing lessons?! AWESOME! That is GREAT!

    I didn't know that you could link to FB and Twitter in a post like that–very cool.

    Loved your fragments this week, and I'm glad you are kickin' back now 🙂

    Happy belated Birthdays!!

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