January in review

As per my 11 words for the year post here’s where I think I’m at:

Sleep – still in deficit but there have been less staying up till the wee small hours nights and, despite being on holidays all of January, remarkably few staying in bed till mid/late morning days.
Exercise – there was rather a lot of walking last month, and a bit of swimming too.
Organise – my calendar and schedule are all figured out and up to date. Don’t ask about the house.
Budget – money? New Zealand holiday, ’nuff said. Time? Well spent 🙂
Create – lots of fabulous memories and the photos and blog posts to look back on.
Cook – my culinary achievement of the month was to discover that Caitlin will eat udon in a stir-fry.
Learn – nothing like a bit of travel to teach you something new.
Teach – kids ask questions, being a teacher is part of the parent job description.
Laugh – noteworthy laugh of the month was playing Waaargh with the McFadgens 🙂
Love – Tom has been particularly cuddly lately and he always tells me he loves me when he cuddles. It’s good to be loved.
Review – done!

2 Responses to “January in review”

  1. emma.mcfadgen says:

    We laughed too!

  2. Candy says:

    Excellent review! Organize: I won't ask about your house if you don't ask about mine:)

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