Weekend woes and wins

It’s been hot and humid all weekend. I’ve got a lurgi that comes with a sore throat, headache, shakiness and mild nausea – every time I try and do anything other than sit on the lounge I end up a gasping, sweaty, can’t stand unsupported mess. We’ve gone nowhere and done nothing except housework and I had to argue with David to convince him to watch Blade Runner with me. It’s doing my head in I tell you! And my sore throat is putting paid to any serious singing practice.

On the other hand, my dog is cuddly and cute, the air-con works, my kids and husband bring me hot and cold drinks when I ask them to. I had lots of dvds to watch and all the clean clothes got folded as I sat on the lounge watching the end of season 6 of Lost. Don’t ask, it was a can’t look away from the train wreck thing, Adam kept having to leave the room in order to protect the TV.

The reason I was forcing David to watch Blade Runner is that he has to pick a sci-fi movie to prepare a presentation on for English. Of course all he’s thinking of is “PRESENTATION  – ARRGH! Run for the hills!” I, meanwhile, am thinking “Cool! English assignments are so much better than when I was at school. Let’s watch ALL THE MOVIES!” So, 10 Mum points for enthusiasm, not so many for practicalities. I think we’ll watch Serenity next. What? Isn’t that what kids are for, to project one’s own obsessions on and live vicariously through?

I had planned to cook shepherd’s pie tonight. I was lacking enthusiasm for the idea until I pulled up my recipe post from a couple of years ago, now I reckon I might be sufficiently motivated by the prospect of evoking another burst of praise from Tom:

“Smashed potato! Ooo, I LOVE smashed potato! Mum, that’s just the way I remember you making shepherds pie. I LOVE your shepherds pie, it’s the BEST!”

“You do know it tastes different every time I make it ’cause I don’t use a recipe, don’t you?”

“Yes, that’s what I like best about it, you never know what you’re going to get!”

I’ll report back if there’s a good response tonight!

8 Responses to “Weekend woes and wins”

  1. mimbles says:

    I'm pretty sure that's what I went through all those pregnancies for anyway!

    Shepherd's pie is in the oven. Oof, that was quite an effort. Tom response when he found me cooking it was "I love you Mum, you're a wonderful mum." That child is so predictable! 🙂

  2. mimbles says:

    Thanks for the well wishes all 🙂

    @Rebecca I always drool at descriptions of gnocchi but have never had the good fortune to eat any that I liked. I feel cheated as I'm sure it's supposed to be delicious!

    @Ariane Life improved significantly around here once they were all old enough to comply with a total ban on saying things like "yuk!" and "I'm not eating that!" when presented with dinner.

  3. Penthe says:

    Ack, hope your sore throat feels better soon. And you know I heartily endorse your 'children only exist to watch my favourite movies and read my favourite books' position.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hope you're better soon, and that shepherd's pie recipe (approximation) looks fantastic. I must try it next time we do shepherd's pie. Tonight's dinner is home made gnocchi with a creamy mushroom, chive and pine-nut sauce. I've made the gnocchi, my husband's boyfriend is making the sauce. 🙂

  5.  Aphie says:

    Hope you feel more the thing very soon, Mim!

  6. Ariane says:

    I seem to be becoming acquainted with your lurgi. At least it waited until after our weekend away.

    Tom's predictable, and infinitely preferable to "I'm NOT EATING THAT!!!!". 🙂

  7. Gerrit says:

    Blade Runner rocks! Glad to see that even across the "other" pond and even with weather difficulties, there is a still a love for the classics! Enjoyable post, @mimbles.

  8. cat says:

    I love sheperd's pie , and blade runner BTW

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