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We had a slow start today, a late brunch and kids who didn’t really want to leave the house. Adam persuaded us into dragging ourselves out to the car and off to the city despite the grey skies and rain. It’s kind of handy that I married him, if we had to rely on me for family outings we’d probably never go anywhere.

We settled on going to Sydney Aquarium
Off to the aquarium
where it turned out they had a Lego exhibition happening
Lego Neptune
along with plenty of fish
It's a fish
more Lego
Lego helmsman
scary Lego
Lego great white shark
slightly tacky Lego
Lego mermaid
completely adorable dugongs
and of course, sharks of various kinds
Across the other side of Darling Harbour is the National Maritime Museum which is currently home to the replica of The Endeavour, on which Adam is booked to sail as a crew member on one of the legs of its upcoming circumnavigation of Australia. Adam will join the ship in Brisbane in May and sail with them to Gladstone.
The Endeavour
The Endeavour

I gather there will be hammocks and being on watch and having to learn the ropes involved. If there is any climbing of rigging I do not want to know about it.

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9 Responses to “Sundays in My City – Sydney Aquarium”

  1. Kristin - The Goat says:

    Sometimes I feel like I could stay in my house for ever. LOL The trip to the aquarium looks like a lot of fun. Those leggo sculptures are fab! and I've never heard of a dugong before. THey look a lot like the Manatees we have here in Florida, but with bigger snouts. cool. very cool.

  2. says:

    What fun. Great post. I love Australia, yet I've never been there.

  3. Penny says:

    I totally want to see dugongs.

    Adam is very brave and I am slightly jelly even tho' I am not a sailor type. I'd love to have a ride on it though. We visited it when it came to Auckland.

  4. Life with Kaishon says:

    I love those lego sculptures! So much fun. I know what you mean about rainy days and not wanting to leave the house! Sometimes you just need a break, right? : ) A good 3 hour nap!

  5. Amy says:

    Those Lego sculptures are amazing. I wonder how long it takes someone to build them.

  6. ThinkInk Creative says:

    Good on you for going out. I guess you can call this Serendipity Sunday – unless, of course, Adam knew all along that they brought LegoLand to Darling Harbour.


  7. Unknown Mami says:

    I'm loving the Lego sculptures.

    If it weren't for my husband, I think I would be a hermit.

  8. Libertine says:

    These are wonderful sculptures. How much time and fun it must have been to create them!

    Long long time ago you asked me to show the costumes I started to make for LARP. I finally am brave enough to do it and created a new blog 🙂 Have a look when you can:

  9. cat says:

    Great post. I am a serious Lego fan so I even liked the tacky Lego.

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