New tablet weaving!

These ones are all for sale in my shop:

“Kivrim” 1.5m long 17mm wide

“Ramshorn” 3.6m long, 31mm wide

“S&Z” 1.5m long 20mm wide

And here’s a few more samples of other patterns I’ve done:

“Eternity” 20mm wide

“Zigzags” 20mm wide

“Checks” 12mm wide

3 Responses to “New tablet weaving!”

  1. mimbles says:

    Thanks tracy, it is a lovely pattern isn't it. 🙂 I didn't invent it but I did have to turn my brain inside out translating it from someone else's differently organised pattern writing!

  2. tracy says:

    I love the eternity. When I'm at home during winter, I am going to order some of this. So gorgeous.

  3. Leslie says: made that. It is gorgeous!!!
    Have a fantastic day!

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