First post? New home? But look at all the stuff here!

Welcome to the new and improved Muddle! I’ve uprooted myself from my old blogspot residence, finally dusted off and moved in.

The very wonderful Viv (aka tigtog) of ViVidWeb Services and Hoyden About Town did all the heavy lifting and construction work for me, I just came in and hung a few curtains and put some decorations up. (By which you may understand that I made the banner, stocked the shop and wrote a blurb or two.)

Just as I have been known to do in bricks and mortar house-moving I’ve packed up every little bit of flotsam and jetsam and brought it with me – sorry about that Viv, culling of any kind is not my strong suit! – and it’s possible some of it will have become a little more muddled than usual in the process, if you’re wandering around in the archives and find a broken link, do let me know!

(If you happen to have been very quick off the mark getting here the RSS feed may not have been set up properly yet – it’s coming soon and if you’re already subscribed to my old feedburner one it should just transfer over smoothly.)

10 Responses to “First post? New home? But look at all the stuff here!”

  1. Unknown Mami says:

    Well, the place looks gorgeous and your feed came up in my reader! Congratulations, I love it.

  2. Deborah says:

    Pretty! A beautiful new place. I love the craft-y look.

  3. Ariane says:

    Love the new look – love the old banner as the background. Very nice. 🙂

  4. tigtog says:

    Mim did more of the work than she’s letting on – I just had to say “there’s a foo for that bar” and she dug around and found it for herself with all the post importing and tidying up categories/tags and setting up paypal buttons etc.

    Which was nice, because it meant I only needed to concentrate on getting things looking pretty and tweaking some of my special bells and whistles.

    New feed all working fine now, btw.

  5. Toni says:

    Love the new home, Mim. You have both done well.

  6. I like it muchly, Mim!!

  7. mimbles says:

    Thanks all, I’m enjoying it so much! And learning heaps too by poking around behind the scenes and seeing how tigtog has set things up – and being very careful not to break any of it!

  8. Malyn says:

    This looks fantastic, Mim. My edublogs is wordpress based so this looks familiar for me, too.

    Enjoy your new home!


  9. Chally says:

    It looks just amazing.

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