King Parrots on my back deck

Today had been one of those not completely terrible but could’ve been much better kind of days and I was feeling a little bit down, and a little bit grumpy, and then this happened:

Hand feeding a King Parrot

Hand feeding a King Parrot

Hand feeding a King Parrot

Closer shot of my hand and the gorgeous redhead

They didn't really want to share

There was two of them but they didn't really want to share

And suddenly life doesn’t seem so bad after all.

4 Responses to “King Parrots on my back deck”

  1. Deborah says:

    How fantastic is that? I’m quite jealous.

  2. bri says:

    Oh WOW. Was that the highlight of your day?

  3. They are so cheeky aren’t they? There is a whole flock at my parent’s house and they will let 3 toddlers come quite close to them, and chatter at said toddlers.
    Delightful. Isn’t it funny how an intimate experience with a wild animal can bring a bit of joy?

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