‘Tis the season for wildlife invasions (warning: spider pics ahead)

When we got home one evening recently, I forget which one exactly on account of my brain being a little blurry still, Tom announced that there was a big huntsman on the inside of the front door. He didn’t hang around to keep an eye on it and by the time Adam and I came to look it was nowhere to be seen. I think we’ve found it now though and it seems to have taken up permanent residence. At any rate it’s been in the same spot in the hallway for about 24 hours now. Right over Caitlin’s bedroom door.

The fact that we’ve just gone and left it there is either a measure of how much calmer the kids are around spiders now than they used to be, or it’s indicative of just how can’t be arsed exhausted Adam and I* are. Or a bit of both. Anyway, it’s probably doing a stellar job reducing the other insect populations in the house so I guess it can stay there for a while yet.

Huntsman spider

Huntsman spider

Huntsman spider

Huntsman spider

I am reminded yet again that although I want a fancy camera for taking photos of critters, my phone camera does a pretty good job.

*Though apparently I can be arsed dragging a chair down the hall and climbing up on it to take photos.

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  1. Penny says:

    eeee! but in a cool way 🙂

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