The stuff of nightmares

After waking rather early this morning and then not being able to go back to sleep, because of a combination of a slightly sore ear, a snoring husband, and a cat who had decided that the best way to get breakfast was to stand perched on my hip bone with his rather significant weight concentrated mostly onto two very pokey paws, I managed to drop off again for an extra sleep-in.

Adam had got up and the boys were in the study next to my bedroom playing computer games, the dog had taken up residence in Adam’s spot on the bed and I drifted in and out of sleep for about an hour.

It was mid-morning. I was in bed, under just a sheet, no pjs. The dog and cat were competing for cuddle rights. All 3 kids were on the bed with me talking loudly while watching some kind of action movie on the tv. Also on the bed were a friend of my daughter and a friend of my younger son who had stayed for a sleep-over the night before. I was trying to get back to sleep while simultaneously frantically editing my blog on my laptop because I’d been sent 2 messages on twitter complaining that the video I’d included in my most recent post should have had a trigger warning on it and someone was a bit upset because they’d shown it to their pre-schooler and it was really not appropriate and Caitlin’s friend was trying to talk to me and Tom’s friend was jumping around and the sheet was slipping and there was so much yelling at the TV going on and OhShitI’mNaked…and then the laptop was sliding off the bed and was going to smash on the floor and I hadn’t backed up for weeks because the Time Machine is playing up and I woke up.

It actually took me a while to remember that I hadn’t posted any videos recently and to realise that the shouting at the TV was the boys getting excited about the computer game they were playing in the next room.

The cat and dog part was real though.

5 Responses to “The stuff of nightmares”

  1. Ariane says:

    I do love a good almost believable nightmare/dream that sucks in the local surroundings. 🙂

    I heard a guy on Dr Karl once swearing up and down that it isn’t possible for your dreams to incorporate real sounds. I’m pretty confident the problem is just that he hasn’t worked out the mechanism…

  2. Ariane says:

    And, speaking of the stuff of nightmares, may I respectfully point out that having “Warning: spider pics ahead” underneath the pic of enormous huntsman on your front page is not entirely efficacious. 🙂

    • mimbles says:

      What are you doing on my front page? All my arachnophobe readers get here via direct links don’t they? 😛 Anyway, I’m just doing my bit to help with your desensitization therapy.

      (Confession: the wording of the spider post title was done with the rss/twitter feed in mind, I now feel slightly silly.)

      • Ariane says:

        And to be completely honest, I saw that in the Twitter feed, and avoided it. But I realised today that I hadn’t seen any links for a while (musta missed ’em) and came looking. 🙂

  3. Penny says:

    well dang – I was going to go looking for that offensive video! 😛

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