Summer, therefore beach

Yes, even when the sky is grey, the wind is blustery and the air temperature is verging on colder than the water. (Possible slight exaggeration for dramatic effect, but only slight.)

Tom had been campaigning for a beach visit for several days, this morning he got up and dressed in his swimmers, apparently our “yeah, ok, maybe, I don’t know” of the night before was good enough for him. So after I’d been to visit Dad in hospital (nasty knee injury before Christmas now followed by lithium toxicity being diagnosed in the last couple of days, just to make things interesting, might blog more details at some point) and then come home to sit on the lounge and breathe deeply for a while, we gave in to the inevitable and went to Avalon Beach.

Only Tom swam.

It's grey and cold and windy. My child is a loon.

Tom in the ocean pool at Avalon

I think Caitlin and David were a little bit bored.

Caitlin, David and Adam

Caitlin and David

Caitlin and David

Caitlin and David

Adam wisely went to look at water and rocks instead of sitting next to the silly siblings.

Adam at Avalon

It’s quite nice water and rocks.

Avalon Beach

Avalon Beach

Then we had fish and chips for dinner and went home.

The End.

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  1. Penny says:

    Heh heh – well good on Tom for getting in the obligatory swim for summer. Lets hope the sun comes out for further swimming!

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