Tablet weaving pattern library update

I’ve edited the Pattern Library page and put a bunch of new patterns on there along with a PDF that contains all the patterns in the one file.

Here, have a few pics of stuff I’ve been weaving lately:

For my cloak

Yep, works without the Skewers of Easy Undoing as well.

Couldn't help myself

5 Responses to “Tablet weaving pattern library update”

  1. Wendy says:

    On the second Pic with the Celtic braid what is the purpose of the sticks? And correct me if I am wrong but you have each cards set of thread tied individually on the dowel?

    Thanks A new Card Weaving enthusiast.

    • mimbles says:

      Hi Wendy, welcome to my muddle. 🙂

      Do you mean the second pic on Flickr? They’re bamboo skewers used in place of weft yarn so I can test a new pattern or experiment with variations and be able to easily undo anything that doesn’t work. I’d worked out the pattern for that braid by reverse engineering from a photo, so there were a few errors in threading and turning sequence before I got it right!

      I tie off each card individually for a combination of reasons – more control over tension, ease of correcting threading errors and I find it less fiddly during the warping up process as there’s no risk of warps coming unthreaded once they’re done. But it’s very much a personal preference thing, tying them all in one bunch works just fine too.

  2. Wendy says:

    Thank you for replying back to me Have a great day and If I can figure out how to share some of my projects I will


  3. Rameh says:

    Your works are so cool! have you ever seen something like spirals? I`m doing these:

  4. I’am discovering tablet weaving and I’am delighted;could anybody give a clue to gunrtam’s explanations for his pattern weavings it looks so fantastic.Your site Mim’s is absolutely”genial”,thank you!

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