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Aug 14th, 2010

Saturday should be for slumber

The only downside to having moved the computers behind a locked door is that the kids can no longer get up on a weekend morning, go online, and leave us undisturbed till mid to late morning. Both the boys visited us in our bedroom before 8am. Haven’t had to deal with that other than on […]

Aug 11th, 2010

How to make door-knocking God-botherers run away.

Answer the door in your pjs and dressing gown with your hair doing its best Shepherd Book “Too much hair!” impression.  Shepherd Book in the Firely episode Jaynestown. They barely managed to hang around long enough to say “Home Bible study…?” before they bolted next door. I didn’t even find out which variety they were! […]

Aug 10th, 2010

In which my cats are very helpful

I think I said ” Get OUT!” about a hundred times in the course of getting the pantry unjumbled. Jack, offering to help declutter. Samantha, laser-eyed defender of the pantry

Aug 9th, 2010

The front hall

Tonight’s effort focused on clearing up the prime dumping ground of the house. I must confess I haven’t completely finished dealing with it yet as some of the detritus ended up on the kitchen table to be sorted through later and put away elsewhere. I guess that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow. Before: After: No […]

Aug 6th, 2010

Friday Fragments

Hosted by Mrs4444. My mind isn’t so much fragmented as mush at the moment, it’s been kind of a long week, but I’ve fished out a few bits and bobs to share. For more end of week shrapnel head on over to Half-Past Kissin’ Time! ***** On Tuesday I had my 3rd singing lesson and […]

Aug 5th, 2010

Asking for help

This morning I went with my Mum to see the counsellor that she’d seen a few times when things had got a bit too much after she and my Dad parted company. We made the appointment a couple of months ago at a point when I was feeling very concerned about David, worried about my […]