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Jun 14th, 2008


You’re Prufrock and Other Observations! by T.S. Eliot Though you are very short and often overshadowed, your voice is poeticand lyrical. Dark and brooding, you see the world as a hopeless effort of people tryingto impress other people. Though you make reference to almost everything, you’ve reallyheard enough about Michelangelo. You measure out your life […]

Jun 1st, 2008

Dollhouse promo clip

Joss and Eliza talking about Dollhouse. Nothing much by way of new information really, but cute! and amusing! 🙂

May 24th, 2008

RIP Robert Asprin

Robert Asprin, author of the Myth Adventures series, has died. He’d been scheduled to appear at Marcon this weekend too so clearly this wasn’t expected. I loved the Myth books, and also the Theives World anthology series and the Phule’s Company novels. I was re-reading one of the Myth books recently thinking it might be […]

May 17th, 2008

Movie meme

I was tagged by Megan for this one. 1. One movie that made you laughI watched Death at a Funeral last night and laughed so hard there were tears. 2. One movie that made you cry I have a vivid memory of going to see Gandhi at Roseville Theatre when I was 12 years old […]

May 16th, 2008

Dollhouse trailer

Our first glimpse of Dollhouse! Oh yes, there’s new Joss Whedon goodness on the way. Can’t wait. ETA: The youtube posting isn’t working just now, here’s another link to the trailer.

May 16th, 2008

Link-fest No. 3

John Scalzi has a shareware short story available for download: “How I Proposed to My Wife: An Alien Sex Story” You can download it for free then, if you like it, send money! Jay’s Conversations with Patients make me laugh. Blue milk on the fact that maternity leave is not a holiday. California Supreme court […]