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Jun 30th, 2009

Blog quiz time

Found this one lurking in the sidebar over at Eternal Lizdom. Your rainbow is shaded brown.               What is says about you: You are a deep thinking person. You appreciate the roughness of nature. You feel closer to people when you understand their imperfections. Find the colors of your […]

Mar 18th, 2009

Folding and fur

Last week’s mountain was never fully scaled, we did a lot of rummaging through the pile looking for the other half of a pair of socks through the week, and by the time it came to today I was faced with something closely resembling a Mt Everest of clean laundry – especially after I changed, […]

Mar 13th, 2009

The lights are on but nobody’s home

Hello. Hello? Is this thing on? I’m not managing much by way of bloggy goodness lately, either of the posting or commenting kind. You might spot the occasional Tweet though, 140 characters seems to be something I can manage. Things are still not quite right in my head (though I’m reading more which is a […]

Jan 2nd, 2009

Pride and Prejudice – Facebook version

In a similar vein to the Facebook Hamlet, I am pleased to share with you this gem of literature transformed into a Facebook newsfeed. Austenbook Some of my favourite bits: … … Go read it all for yourself! via Tigtog at Hoyden About Town

Dec 31st, 2008

Happy New Year!

Break out the bubbly folks, we’ve just passed an arbitrarily chosen point in our orbit around the sun, the primary effect of which will be that I won’t be able to write the date correctly for the next 6 weeks or so. Clearly cause for celebration! Happy New Year everyone 😀

Dec 10th, 2008


Speechifying done. I survived. Several people came up to me afterwards to tell me I’d spoken well, apparently my nausea, shaking hands and racing heart don’t come through in my voice (or not much anyway :P) Thanks everyone for all the encouraging comments, they helped 🙂 Now, I need a massage. I think Adam may […]