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Oct 2nd, 2008

I’m androgynous?

Apparently so. Not that I think it means anything really, but there you go…. Your result for The Bem Sex Role Inventory Test… Androgynous You scored 73% masculinity and 50% femininity! You scored high on both masculinity and femininity. You have a strong personality exhibiting characteristics of both traditional sex roles. Take The Bem Sex […]

Aug 14th, 2008

On the re-reading of series

I’ve just been reading a post, and the subsequent comments, over at titled Re-reading Long Series. There’s something very satisfying about seeing a whole bunch of people talking with enthusiasm about re-reading the same series of books that I too love re-reading. There were a number of series I haven’t read mentioned as well, […]

Jul 4th, 2008

Need a laugh?

Head on over to Shapely Prose and read all about spaghetti language. Spaghetti language is what you speak when you’re half-asleep and you think you’re having a real conversation but actually are spewing gibberish. Make sure you read the comments too! I have vivid memories of being the one doing this while reading bedtime stories […]

Jun 23rd, 2008

R.I.P. George Carlin

Damn.* I like George Carlin 🙁Comedian George Carlin dies in Los Angeles at 71. The 10 Commandments Seven Words *Yeah, I know, “damn” doesn’t really do him justice does it?

Mar 18th, 2008


I went to the P&C AGM at the school tonight…and came home as the new P&C president. I did off-load one of my other roles in exchange, but I think I got the raw end of the deal….

Feb 3rd, 2008

Menu plan 4 Feb 08

MondayTuna rice bake & salad. Dessert: Fruit & yogurt. – This’ll be interesting, the kids and tuna is a bad combination, I may swap the tuna for chicken if I’m not up to the confrontation.TuesdayOven chicken, noodles & salad. Dessert: Fruit & yogurt. – Adam has signed up for drawing classes and won’t be home […]