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Jan 24th, 2009


I’m fluttered…no wait…flattered, that’s the word. Lou (aka Bogsider) has very kindly given me the Butterfly award. I discovered this when I was sitting in the car on our hide-from-the-heat trip down the coast from Merry Beach on the verge of tears because of the pain from my back and grabbing a quick dose of […]

Dec 31st, 2008

12 things for 2009

New Year’s resolutions never seem to amount to anything much do they? I don’t think I’ve ever made any that lasted past the first few days until last year and even then they weren’t New Year’s resolutions so much as February planning. I was quite pleased with how my goal setting for 2008 worked out, […]

Dec 28th, 2008

Well, that was extraordinarily frustrating

Santa brought Guitar Hero World Tour for the kids this year. It was unpacked and set up with much excitement…and then nothing, the game wouldn’t start up, we couldn’t get the PS2 to read the disc. Great. We know it’s not the player, all the other games still work just fine. Rather naively, as it […]

Dec 26th, 2008

2008 in review

At the beginning of the year I posted a list of things I wanted to do during the year. I kind of lost interest in keeping some of the more mundane things on the list updated but looking back I’d say I’ve managed to do almost half of what I planned. 1. Bushwalking.2. Swimming 50m […]

Dec 20th, 2008

New furniture

Where we used to have this: and this: We now have this: We have our coffee table back YAY! (But we need to find a new home for the Roomba.)

Dec 4th, 2008

Dear member of the shopping public

When you are talking to people who are working or shopping in a sci-fi/fantasy bookshop it might be wise to keep to yourself opinions such as this: “Anyone who buys a sonic screwdriver or a lightsabre, without the excuse of a 3 year old to give it to, is someone who is in desperate need […]