Apr 4th, 2006

Week 7 weigh-in

I managed a 0.9kg loss this week, only 0.5kg off the 10kg loss goal and my hair cut and colour reward – good thing too, my hair is driving me nuts! Exercise this week was as follows: Tues: nilWed: 50 min treadmill (4km, flat)Thurs: nilFri: 45 min treadmill, 15 min abs, 30 min weights (upper […]

Apr 2nd, 2006

Party, Pub and Peregrine Falcon…

…or “My Weekend” 😀 Took myself off to the GP to get my vitamin B12 injection on Saturday morning, as usual I’d left it about a week too late and had spent the last half of the week feeling like death warmed up ( I have pernicious anemia and can’t absorb B12 from food). I […]

Mar 28th, 2006

Week 6 weigh-in

Another 0.8kg gone 🙂 I love seeing my little sailing boat jump a little further down the beach each time I update my ticker – very gratifying!

Mar 27th, 2006

Exercise Diary and Trivial Pursuits

Over the last week, in response to a challenge posted on the WW boards by Lesley aka Dim, I had planned to increase my exercise from 3 x 30 min of walking to 3 x 40 min of walking. As it happens my ambitions were too modest, here’s what I actually managed: Tues: nilWed: nilThurs: […]

Mar 21st, 2006

Week 5 weigh-in

Holy mother of God and all her whacky nephews! 2.6kg down this week 😀 Feeling pretty good today I have to admit, looks like I’ll be getting that haircut somewhat sooner than I first expected. I have been looked after by my darling hubby this week in a fashion far above and beyond the call […]

Mar 18th, 2006

Mini Goals and Rewards

Goal – Date achieved – Weight – Reward Join Weight Watchers – 14/2/06 – 135.1kg5kg Bookmark (130.1kg) – 14/3/06 – 129.9kg – Deadwood Season 2 DVD for watching while on treadmill10kg lost (125.1kg) – 11/4/06 – 124.8kg – Get hair cut and coloured10% lost (121.6kg) – 16/5/06 – 119.5kg – new shoes 15kg lost (120.1kg) […]