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Sep 20th, 2007

Let’s play traumatise the kids!

I lost it tonight, in a loud and unreasonable manner, much yelling, sarcasm and hyperbole about just how hideous they all are. I need a holiday 🙁 Later, as I was putting them to bed they each apologised for their behaviour and we promised each other to make tomorrow a better day. I think I’d […]

Sep 19th, 2007

Note to self:

No matter now many times it is said, or how clearly or with what warnings of dire consequences the kids will NOT take seriously the idea that they should refrain from endless demands to buy things we don’t need (or I don’t approve of) at the supermarket. *sigh* The fact that they were only with […]

Sep 16th, 2007

Got lurgi, brain not work right

WWC Wk2 Day4, 5, 6 & 7Let’s see, Thursday I walked for 30 minutes on my usual outdoor route, Friday was a disaster points-wise and Saturday was worse, plus no exercise either day, but today I went to the grounds working bee at the school and raked mulch till the world started spinning at which […]

Sep 12th, 2007

Art Gallery and Botanic Gardens

I went along as a parent helper on a year 3 – Caitlin’s year – excursion to the Art Gallery and Botanic gardens today. It was a beautiful day and all-round very pleasant experience. The kids were angelic and I really enjoyed wandering around the Aboriginal collection at the Art Gallery with one of the […]

Sep 9th, 2007

Someone scored big at the shops today

Caitlin showing off her new skirt, top and completely inappropriate high-heeled boots. Actually several someones, none of them me, did quite well out of the shopping expedition today. Caitlin ended up with 3 pairs of shoes including the boots in the photo which have heels much too high for her age (nearly all her shoes […]

Sep 8th, 2007

Public holiday = BBQ party!

Friday was a no-blog day because I spent the morning frantically cleaning up and shopping, as one does, in preparation for having close on 20 people, mostly Browncoats, over for a BBQ in the afternoon and evening. Everyone who came brought with them vast quantities of gorgeous and for the most part healthy food and […]