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Oct 28th, 2010

Trying to get the perfect photo

We went to visit my Grandma weekend before last and I wanted to get a photo of her with all the kids. All I can say is I hope one of my mum’s shots turned out ok (that’s who they’re all looking at instead of looking at my camera). Animated gif maker

Sep 12th, 2010

Tom on autonomy

Tom: Dad can we watch Underworld while we eat dinner? Adam: Umm, I’m not sure… Me: I already said no! Adam: Well, that’s a no then Tom. Tom: Daaaad. You know, you shouldn’t always let Mum control what you’re doing.

Aug 29th, 2010

Sundays in my City – A visit from Joss Whedon

Hosted by Unknown Mami Today I took Caitlin to the Opera House to hear Joss Whedon speak about his writing and directing career – from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog and everything in between and beyond. Joss was fascinating and brilliant and funny and wonderful and when he tackle-hugged Wil Anderson* […]

Aug 23rd, 2010

Monday miscellany and menu plan

Today was Wacky Hair Day at the school. A gold coin donation is collected for something or other, I forget what and the kids couldn’t remember either, I guess the excitement of silly hairdo competitions and not having to wear school uniforms wipes all other considerations from mind. We did lots of decluttering on the […]

Aug 20th, 2010

Friday Fragments

Hosted by Mrs4444. Time for the end of week mental declutter that is Friday Fragments. Let’s see what’s floating about in here shall we? **** I did my 6th Kiva loan this week, which apparently makes me an average Kiva lender. Must do better. I’m going to stop buying Macca’s coffee on work mornings and […]

Aug 19th, 2010

Fun with sex ed

Caitlin has been invited to an Interrelate seminar at the school titled “Preparing for Puberty” during which I gather we will sit in the hall with other Year 5 and 6 kids and pretend we aren’t there to talk about vaginas and penises. Actually, I’m sure it’ll be great, and I’m totally going to make […]