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Dec 3rd, 2009

The ghost of Christmas past

Once upon a time my Christmas day started with getting up as early as I thought I could get away with and seeing what was in the pillowslip on the end of my bed. I still have very clear memories of finding books and games in there. The books were my favourite presents. The pillowcase […]

Dec 2nd, 2009


Tom, aged 3 yrs, in the surf on his own for the first time. For more Wordless Wednesdays click here.

Nov 5th, 2009

A room with a view

I was sitting in the office this afternoon, by myself, listening to the sound of the creek at the bottom of the gully coming in through the open balcony door and thinking how lucky I am to be working in such a lovely environment. I’ve been meaning to take photos for a while now but […]

May 4th, 2009

Sports carnivals make me think of poetry

It’s cross country carnival time tomorrow for my kids. Consequently David has a bad cold (every. single. year. he manages this, it’s a talent I tell you), Caitlin is busily making props for cheering while stressing out about the fact that she is slow despite her teacher’s assurances that small people are always the fast […]

Mar 17th, 2009

Sisterhood Award

Liz over at Eternal Lizdom has bestowed upon me another award. This one is titled the Sisterhood Award. First, share memories or thoughts of childhood or adulthood sister-friends. Funny, sad, whatever. 1. Attending Physics Society parties at Sydney Uni with Ariane. The dry ice in a sealed bottle trick never stops being funny. 2. In […]

Feb 18th, 2009

First Born

MPJ tagged me for this over on Facebook but because I’m bloody minded and stuck in my ways I’m doing it here rather than there (it shows up there anyway ’cause I have my blog feed updating Facebook). One for the mums – all about your first born. 1. WAS YOUR FIRST PREGNANCY PLANNED?Yes, well, […]