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Nov 19th, 2007

I is ded of cute

The time is 10:00pm. We’ve already done 3 rounds of goodnight hugs and kisses. Tom had a nap this afternoon so he’s really not that tired tonight. A small voice calls from down the hall “Muuuum…” “What?” “I’m very huggable…” He’s right, he IS very huggable.

Nov 19th, 2007

We have Wii

When Adam was away at the conference in Amsterdam recently his name was drawn from a hat to win a Wii. The criteria for getting your name in the hat in the first place was to be one of those still in attendance right at the bitter end of proceedings, so I guess it was […]

Nov 18th, 2007

Party hard, pay the next day

Oh my poor aching feet and knees! HA! You thought this was going to be about a hangover didn’t you? Well, sorry to disappoint 😛 Although there was cider and sparkling shiraz involved last night the vast majority of liquid passing my lips was water. I think I drank something close to 3L in 4.5 […]

Nov 17th, 2007

In which my car gets a good workout

Trips today up the super steep hill at the bottom of which we live:1. Caitlin to dance dress rehearsal at 8:30am2. Me to dress rehearsal to change her hair do at 9:30am3. Back to pick up from dress rehearsal at 11:00am4. Caitlin to dress rehearsal again at 2:30pm5. Me to shops at 3:00pm6. Final pick […]

Nov 16th, 2007

Blood, B12 and beading

Today at school Tom got bitten on the thigh by one of his classmates, she drew blood and all. His teacher assured me that it was entirely unprovoked and I do know this child has been quite difficult all year, but biting!? Haven’t had that before. It happened just before the end of day bell […]

Nov 15th, 2007

Beware, content free post ahead

Ok, I’m not claiming that makes this one different in any way. I just couldn’t think of a title 😛 Hey, it’s the 15th today! That means I’m half-way through NaBloPoMo. Have I bored you all to death yet? (Fishing for compliments? Never! Don’t know what you mean….) I took the kids shopping for shoes […]