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Nov 3rd, 2008

I haven’t had dinner yet

I so need to be more organised. If only I’d started working on my P&C stuff 2 days earlier. Then I wouldn’t have discovered, at 10pm last night, there was a document that needed revising which I had been previously unaware of and I would have started writing my speech then instead of at 12:30am. […]

Sep 11th, 2008

Hell NO!

Thomas is being asked to do his homework. He is not happy about this and has come up with a novel and very scary solution to the problem. “Muuuum, I don’t want to go to school anymore. I want to do homeschool instead.” “No way!” “Oh pleeeeease?” David interjects, “She was serious when she said […]

Sep 9th, 2008

My hands are still cold

I spent nearly half an hour standing outside in the cold from 9pm tonight talking to one of Dave’s teachers (who is made of awesome) after the School Council meeting. I was explaining to her why Dave had come home this afternoon from their 2 day excursion to Bathurst, got in the car with me […]