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Sep 29th, 2007

Quick! Look over there!

While I quickly document the stuff-up that was Friday… Wait a minute, you’re still here. Never mind I’ll leave the confession till the end of the post. Perhaps you’ll be bored by then and won’t bother reading it, she says assuming that anyone bothers reading any of the food diaries…interesting question – does anyone read […]

Sep 27th, 2007

Huntsman season is upon us.

Adam and the kids were in the lounge room watching The Two Towers tonight while I hid in the study. There comes a call summoning me, daddy is no good, this is a job for mum. What job would that be I hear you ask? Huntsman spider removal of course. Adam does cockroaches, I do […]

Sep 19th, 2007

Note to self:

No matter now many times it is said, or how clearly or with what warnings of dire consequences the kids will NOT take seriously the idea that they should refrain from endless demands to buy things we don’t need (or I don’t approve of) at the supermarket. *sigh* The fact that they were only with […]

Sep 9th, 2007

Someone scored big at the shops today

Caitlin showing off her new skirt, top and completely inappropriate high-heeled boots. Actually several someones, none of them me, did quite well out of the shopping expedition today. Caitlin ended up with 3 pairs of shoes including the boots in the photo which have heels much too high for her age (nearly all her shoes […]

Aug 28th, 2007

Weigh-in week ummm….

I think I’ll call this week 2. I hit the highest weight I’ve been, since starting back in Feb ’06, on Aug 14, but since then it feels like I’ve finally come out of some kind of fog and have re-committed to getting on with things. So, week 2 and I have a loss of […]