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Sep 12th, 2007

Art Gallery and Botanic Gardens

I went along as a parent helper on a year 3 – Caitlin’s year – excursion to the Art Gallery and Botanic gardens today. It was a beautiful day and all-round very pleasant experience. The kids were angelic and I really enjoyed wandering around the Aboriginal collection at the Art Gallery with one of the […]

Sep 10th, 2007

The Unfinished Spelling Errors of Bolkien

It’s stuck in my head and the kids are singing it non-stop, it’s clever, it’s funny and I can’t believe it’s been in my house for months without me getting around to so much as unwrapping the plastic on the cd. Tolkien as a musical! Bwahahahahahah 😀 Many thanks to ZB for such a brilliant […]

Sep 4th, 2007

Hmmm, interesting…or something.