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Sep 23rd, 2007

Exercise Challenge

Ok, here’s my version of this coming week’s Yodaobi’s Whacky Weekly Challenge. I’m not up to doing a virtual climb of the Skytower (don’t ask, it’s in New Zealand somewhere…) so I’m setting myself the more realistic challenge of coming up with an exercise plan and, you know, actually doing it. MondayWalk kids to school […]

Sep 22nd, 2007

No comment.

WWC Wk3 Day61 serve of fruit and 3 of vegetables today.Breakfastweetbix, 2 fruits and milk – 3ptsLunchSmall serve of low-fat neapolitan pasta, baked new potatoes, greek salad and a slice of chicken and mushroom pizza – 9ptsDinnerCombination long soup, 1 spring roll, plus a little bit of salt & pepper squid and mongolian lamb – […]

Sep 21st, 2007

It’s been a long week…

TGIF! It’s still Friday as far as I’m concerned, after all it can’t be tomorrow yet, I haven’t been to sleep! The Whitlams playing with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra was fabulous, I’ve had a lovely night listening to some great music and drinking way too much coffee. See, we got there early and had to […]

Sep 20th, 2007

Let’s play traumatise the kids!

I lost it tonight, in a loud and unreasonable manner, much yelling, sarcasm and hyperbole about just how hideous they all are. I need a holiday 🙁 Later, as I was putting them to bed they each apologised for their behaviour and we promised each other to make tomorrow a better day. I think I’d […]

Sep 19th, 2007

Note to self:

No matter now many times it is said, or how clearly or with what warnings of dire consequences the kids will NOT take seriously the idea that they should refrain from endless demands to buy things we don’t need (or I don’t approve of) at the supermarket. *sigh* The fact that they were only with […]

Sep 18th, 2007

Weigh-in week 5

A loss of 0.2kg today for a total of 5.7kg gone, bloody miraculous I call it considering how the second half of last week went. I’m going to go back to tracking here in blog-land I’m afraid, seems work best with the keeping me honest thing. I shall endeavor to include witty anecdotes (or something […]