May 7th, 2006

Jewel and Jonathon!!!

I went to The Hub Convention on Saturday, I hadn’t planned to go as I’d decided I couldn’t afford the time or the money but when last minute $20 tickets for the Saturday went on sale I gave in to temptation 🙂 I was pretty broke though so I couldn’t fork out for photos with […]

May 2nd, 2006

Mini Goals for the Merry Month of May

For this month I want to: 1) Get to my 10% – only 0.5kg to go!2) Leave the 120’s behind forever3) Do 3 weights/resistance training sessions per week4) Go to bed earlier! No more 2:00am bedtimes 😛 That last one comes about because last month I joined Flylady and I really like the idea of […]

May 1st, 2006

Busy weekend!

Let’s see, what have I been up to lately…. Oh yes! Shindiging with the Browncoats of course 😀 Saturday was lunch at the Lowenbrau, here’s a pic of the meal hubby and I did NOT order! (I had the salmon :P)After lunch we wandered around the markets at the Rocks for a while then I […]

Apr 26th, 2006

Week 10 weigh-in.

Right, that’s it, I’m officially over school holidays. Took the kids with me to the WW meeting this morning and they were angelic, then we went clothes and grocery shopping and they were hideous. They’re now playing in a perfectly normal and happy fashion and it’s driving me demented – I just don’t cope with […]

Apr 18th, 2006

Week 9 weigh-in.

Well, I seem to have survived Easter rather well indeed! I’ve lost 1.6kg in the last week leaving me with 1.6kg to go till my 10% and 3.1kg away from my 15kg goal. I’ll be weighing on Wednesday morning next week because of Anzac Day *pouts* I don’t want to have to wait an extra […]

Apr 17th, 2006

Farscape fest

Exercise this week:Tues: 50min treadmill 4.3kmWed: 4km walk with Mum ~50 minThurs: 60min (15min @ 7 incline) treadmill 5.4kmFri: 60min (30min @10 incline) treadmill 5.2km, 45min treadmill 4kmSat: 40 min weights whole body, 15 min absSun: 50min (15min @ 10 incline) treadmill 4.6km, 50min treadmill 4.4kmMon: 30min weights upper body, 10min abs, 50min (20min @ […]