Apr 11th, 2006

Week 8 weigh-in.

I so don’t deserve this this week but I’m going to grab it with both hands and be gleefull all the same 🙂 I made it to my 10kg mini-goal!!!!!I was down 0.8kg this morning despite the straying from the path mentioned in my previous post. That brings me to a total loss of 10.3kg […]

Apr 10th, 2006


Oh my goodness, the last 2 days have been not the best as far as food goes. Big time blowout all round really. I actually felt ill after Dave’s party on Sunday, it would seem my tummy is out of practice when it comes to chips, dips, lollies and cake – I guess I should […]

Apr 8th, 2006

The hazards of cake decorating

It turns out not to be possible to create a birthday cake for one of my kids without lots of tasting and nibbling. Never mind, I only do it 3 times a year, besides it was yummy! Here’s the finished product – a Bug Garden cake for David’s 9th birthday party tomorrow.

Apr 6th, 2006

Went a bit snap happy this morning

I decided I wanted some “revealing all” pics to serve as benchmarks for future comparison. I think I’m kind of glad there aren’t any like this with the extra 9.5kg still on! I’d just done 45 mins of weights and abs when I got hubby to take these, it’s a testament to my improving fitness […]

Apr 4th, 2006

Week 7 weigh-in

I managed a 0.9kg loss this week, only 0.5kg off the 10kg loss goal and my hair cut and colour reward – good thing too, my hair is driving me nuts! Exercise this week was as follows: Tues: nilWed: 50 min treadmill (4km, flat)Thurs: nilFri: 45 min treadmill, 15 min abs, 30 min weights (upper […]

Apr 2nd, 2006

Party, Pub and Peregrine Falcon…

…or “My Weekend” 😀 Took myself off to the GP to get my vitamin B12 injection on Saturday morning, as usual I’d left it about a week too late and had spent the last half of the week feeling like death warmed up ( I have pernicious anemia and can’t absorb B12 from food). I […]