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Sep 29th, 2007

Quick! Look over there!

While I quickly document the stuff-up that was Friday… Wait a minute, you’re still here. Never mind I’ll leave the confession till the end of the post. Perhaps you’ll be bored by then and won’t bother reading it, she says assuming that anyone bothers reading any of the food diaries…interesting question – does anyone read […]

Aug 24th, 2007


Can’t have Jack feeling left out. Here we see his determination to fit a lot of cat into a smallish box… I has a box… Almost there… Ahhh. Head in. Comfy now.

Aug 23rd, 2007

Cat on tum.

Samantha, trying her best to prevent me using the keyboard. She stands on my tummy and kneads my shoulder. There’s claws with a vengeance. Ow.This post brought to you via extremely slow one-handed typing.