About Mim

Mim is a 42 year old mother of three, David 16 yrs, Caitlin 15 yrs and Thomas 11 yrs. She works part-time for a small magazine publisher and spends the rest of her time avoiding housework by volunteering at the kids’ schools, hanging out on the internet, driving kids to various activities and sometimes even practising for her singing lessons.

Mim’s long term book addiction – mostly to F&SF and historical novels/romances – results in a constant need of new bookshelves but this problem is being significantly mitigated by the possession of a Kindle, much to her husband Adam’s relief – him being the primary bookshelf builder of the partnership.

The Muddle family live with a dog named Clara, 2 cats named according to the TS Elliot method – The Naming of Cats – and therefore blessed with the monikers of Samantha Tinúviel and Jack Sparrow, 6 rabbits (don’t ask) and several fishtanks with varying populations of fish which are not given names in the cause of avoiding undue trauma over the aforementioned variations in population.

Every so often a creative spirit descends and the lampwork glass bead making kit or the weaving looms or the beaded jewellery making supplies come out and things get made. Some of those things end up for sale right here on this very website.

During the cooler parts of the year the Muddle family are prone to dressing up as Vikings and indulging in a little time travel by way of various historical reenactment events, it’s pretty much the only way to get them all away from screens and the internet for any length of time.

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