New stuff, some made, some bought

Every Monday night this term Adam has been taking himself off to pottery classes. Tonight, on the way home from the Discover Mahler concert we stopped off at his teacher’s home to pick up his finished pieces. 1. Decorated tiles, 2. Frog on a leaf, 3. Wol, 4. Dragon lidded pot, 5. Pot and lid with sleeping baby dragon, 6. First attempt using the wheel He has also made us a chesky so that we don’t have to hide our esky in the tent when we’re at reenactment events. It’s a chest that’s large enough for our rather large esky … Continue reading New stuff, some made, some bought

The lounge room smells of varnish

Adam has been building stuff again. This time it’s DVD shelves and we’ve just moved the first new shelving unit into place in the lounge room. Adam doing some high speed re-shelving of DVDs He’s made two of these, to fit one on each side of the fishtank. The bookshelves that were there before, that had been bursting under the load of our ludicrously large DVD collection, will be relocated to the kids rooms where they will hopefully have some tidying influence on their rooms (I’m an optimist). I estimate each unit will hold almost 500 DVDs. Wonder how long … Continue reading The lounge room smells of varnish