Weigh in day again

I’ve lost another 1.5kg which for some absurd reason I am not that excited about. Maybe it’s lack of sleep. I *know* I shouldn’t even try for more than the recommended 0.5 – 1kg loss each week but I guess I’m a little impatient 😛

I gave the credit card a beating this morning and bought a new pair of walking shoes, that puts paid to the “my sneakers are disintegrating” excuse. I’ll have to justify the expense by carrying through with my walking plan now, won’t I? I hearby promise that I will do 30 minutes on the treadmill tonight come hell or high water.

I’ve asked for a copy of Deadwood season 2 to be put aside for me when it comes out on Thursday. I’m going to make that my reward to myself for exercising at least 3 times this week and then only let myself watch an episode each night if I’ve done my planned exercise for that day.

P.S. Not only have I done my bit on the treadmill but the whole family went for a walk after dinner so two lots of exercise in one day, WOOT!

One thought on “Weigh in day again

  1. Hi Mim,1.5 !!! That’s great girl. Just think that if you would lose 1.5 kilos today and another .5 kilos or so every week (I try to expect little so I can be happy whenever its more) and in about 4 months you could be 10 kilos lighter. Can you think about walking around with ten Kilos less to carry? It’s like carrying a pushbike around for a long period of time and then finally getting rid of it. SOooooooooooo much easier. I could not fit exercise in my life yet. You should be very proud of yourself. I joined the gym and all, but usually go once or twice every two weeks (I do have an excuse, been working 75 hours a week). But you are doing great. Keep posting those photos, we want to see how are you doing, ok?Crissy

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