I am wiped out.

Ye gods, what a weekend. Shall I lay it out in all its glory? Yes, I think so, here goes:

Friday night – apparently I’m not very good at saying no to something if I’m already paying for it, which meant that I ended up splurging my 4 saved points and going into debt another 8 points on pizza and pasta. I did restrain myself to one glass of champagne though. This would have been OK if it was not for….

Saturday – I survived the afternoon tea part of Chocky’s Shindig with my points count unscathed but my emotional equilibrium took a bit of a beating so by the time we got to the eating part of Saturday evening my resolve had wavered quite a bit, I managed to stay away from the chips and biscuits but there were all these yummy meats and salads 😦 and then there was the booze πŸ˜› I did my best to remember everything and track it this morning and I think I came out about 18 points in debt and we won’t even talk about my sugar and alcohol tally, oh well, fun was had. It was a really great time of sharing and catharsis, followed by a really great time of shindig shenanigans, Chocky mate, you’d have been proud of us πŸ™‚ I got home about 3:00am and decided I needed to drink water before going to bed, it seemed perfectly logical to come on-line for a bit while I did so, which of course led to going to bed at 4:00am and being unable to function properly on ….

Sunday – My sister-in-law’s 30th birthday party. I grabbed a vegemite bread roll as we dashed out the door running late as usual (we’re ALWAYS late to my brother’s place) and was feeling very hungry once we got to the party to be confronted with: chips, cashews, prawns, bread, oil-dressed salad and the most evil yabbie tart imaginable – YUM!, but EVIL – peaches , kiwi fruit and chocolate cake. I ate little bits of everything and came home STARVING 😦 Final tally for tonight has me managing to save a couple of points, for what little good it’ll do. I’ll have a low point day tomorrow and make sure I get my exercise in, Tuesday morning will tell me what damage has been done.

All in all I’m feeling OK about it though, I tracked and I made good food choices when possible, and I didn’t at any point have that stuffed to bursting feel so I know I did the best I could under difficult circumstances. And Saturday night ROCKED – I LOVE MY BROWNCOATS!!!!!

One thought on “I am wiped out.

  1. Hi MimLike you said you did the best you could under difficult circumstances..thats all we can do, I think the most important thing after this happens is what we do next…get back on track and all will be good..which I am sure you will have done.Glad you had a good time, your friend will live forever in your heart.. he must have been a very special man :)Have a great week Mim

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