Mini Goals and Rewards

Goal Date achieved Weight – Reward

Join Weight Watchers14/2/06 135.1kg
5kg Bookmark (130.1kg)14/3/06129.9kg – Deadwood Season 2 DVD for watching while on treadmill
10kg lost (125.1kg)11/4/06 124.8kg – Get hair cut and coloured
10% lost (121.6kg) – 16/5/06 119.5kg – new shoes
15kg lost (120.1kg) – 16/5/06 119.5kg – Angel Season 5 DVDs
20kg lost (115.1kg) – Big Damn Brisbane Winter Meetup 7-9 July for all OzCoats – this is the only one with a time-frame attached, I hope it’s not too ambitious EDIT: Ok well, that didn’t work out, I guess I don’t respond well to deadlines, better think of something else…
20kg lost (115.1kg) revised reward 😛 – New laptop
25kg lost (110.1kg)Infinitas shopping spree

30kg lost (105.1kg) – Buy a bike
32.5kg lost (102.6kg) HALF-WAY!!!!
35kg lost (100.1kg) – Start horse riding again
40kg lost (95.1kg)
45kg lost (90.1kg)
50kg lost (85.1kg)
55kg lost (80.1kg)
60kg lost (75.1kg)
Top of healthy weight range (71kg)
Personal Goal Weight (?)

This is obviously a work in progress – I can’t decide what to reward myself with! You wouldn’t think it would be that hard, would you?

One thought on “Mini Goals and Rewards

  1. You are doing so fantastically. I’ve just realised that we have some of the same interests. I love Angel and Buffy, and although I haven’t seen Firefly (I know I’m a bad girl) I have seen Serenity and love it.I really hope you get to goal and get to Brisbane. It’s a great reward for you.

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