Exercise Diary and Trivial Pursuits

Over the last week, in response to a challenge posted on the WW boards by Lesley aka Dim, I had planned to increase my exercise from 3 x 30 min of walking to 3 x 40 min of walking. As it happens my ambitions were too modest, here’s what I actually managed:

Tues: nil
Wed: nil
Thurs: 60 min treadmill (5km, flat)
Fri: 40 min bushwalk with Mum and Tom (at 4 year-old’s pace :P)
Sat: 60 min treadmill (5km, flat), 60 min weights and abs
Sun: 30 min treadmill (2.5km, incline 4), 15 min abs
Mon: 45 min walk with Mum (moderate/active), 40 min weights and abs

I was, in part, spurred on by having indulged in salt and pepper calamari and chips and a couple of beers at the pub after the Buffy trivia night at Sydney Uni. Trivia was fun, we came 3rd, we laughed a lot, and took cleavage photos, and almost but not quite sang the Fruity Oaty Bar jingle for everyone 🙂

3 thoughts on “Exercise Diary and Trivial Pursuits

  1. mim! wow! look at you go!!but salt and pepper calimari… totally my fave. so yum! did you work out the points? let me know!did i ever tell you that i once interviewed joss wheddon? he was nice. i lost my buffy thing years ago, but one of my best friends is a total adict, so i keep up!

  2. Hey Caddy :)I took a wild guess on the points for the calamari, the short answer is “too many”! I called it 14 points, it was a small serve and I only ate about half the chips. I’ll find out tomorrow if I under-estimated!How did you come to interview Joss? Tell me more! *LOL* He’s a pretty amazing guy, when he came to Sydney last September he posted on the forum inviting us to meet him for a beer at a pub in The Rocks, about 90 people turned up and he spent nearly 4 hours workin his way round the crowd and speaking to everyone. I had the gratifying experience of introducing myself to him to receive the reply “I’ve read you” – he’d read some of my posts on the forum and recognised my name. He has the talent of making everyone feel special 🙂

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