Oh my goodness, the last 2 days have been not the best as far as food goes. Big time blowout all round really. I actually felt ill after Dave’s party on Sunday, it would seem my tummy is out of practice when it comes to chips, dips, lollies and cake – I guess I should see that as a good thing though 🙂 Then today I kept finding myself back at the fridge and slipping back into a pattern of eating that I haven’t experienced for nearly 8 weeks. I suppose it takes rather longer than that to really unlearn the habits of years. Ah well, put it down as a learning experience and I’m back on track from tomorrow!

Exercise this week:
Tues: nil
Wed: nil
Thurs: 60min treadmill, 30min weights upper body, 15min abs
Fri: nil
Sat: 30 mins treadmill
Sun: nil
Mon: 105 min (45min @ 7 incline) treadmill 9.4km

Hmmm, that could have been better too….

My plan for the next week: Track religiously, 3L of water per day, cardio 6 days and do my level best to ignore easter!

One thought on “Confessions

  1. i have been naughty over the last few days, but I’m trying to get back on track. i made some fridge magnets on the computer and printed them myself. they have AJ Rochesters affirmations on them as well as some quotes that I found. they help. if you want a copy its in word format, just let me know, it can be printed out on a sheet of 10 fridge magnets.

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