Farscape fest

Exercise this week:
Tues: 50min treadmill 4.3km
Wed: 4km walk with Mum ~50 min
Thurs: 60min (15min @ 7 incline) treadmill 5.4km
Fri: 60min (30min @10 incline) treadmill 5.2km, 45min treadmill 4km
Sat: 40 min weights whole body, 15 min abs
Sun: 50min (15min @ 10 incline) treadmill 4.6km, 50min treadmill 4.4km
Mon: 30min weights upper body, 10min abs, 50min (20min @ 10 incline) treadmill 4.5km

LOL, look at all that time I’m spending walking! That, dear friends, is because I have a portable DVD player set up in front of the treadmill and I have made a rule for myself that the only place I can watch DVDs is there. This week I have watched episodes 8 through 14 of Farscape season 1 and if my legs had been willing I’d have watched more!

Here’s what I posted as my plan for the past week:

My plan for the next week: Track religiously, 3L of water per day, cardio 6 days and do my level best to ignore easter!

I managed 2 out of 4 😛 I drank so much water my tonsils were floating and I walked my butt off – literally I hope! The tracking went out the window and although I ate only 2 mini easter eggs and was reasonably controlled with the hot cross buns my eating otherwise was consistently over points and included a couple of lolly binges and a meal with friends complete with vast quantities of wine and cheese. Ah well, live and learn! (The cheese was YUM! but I wish I’d thrown the lollies out at the begining of the week)

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