Picnic at Bicentennial Park

Had lunch today with a lovely bunch of women, and a couple of brave blokes ;-), it was great to meet up with everyone! Many thanks to my darling man for amusing the kids while I sat and chatted.

In the pic, from the left, are Lorries, me, Jessmac, Aempson, Kerryh and Blownupdoll. Jessmac’s and my other halves were doing the photo taking 🙂

3 thoughts on “Picnic at Bicentennial Park

  1. Wow Mim, you are looking fantastic and have done so well so far, keep up the great effort!and those 22 pants are looking quite baggy, better go shopping!! :)It must have been so motivating and enjoyable all meeting up like that, how exciting!Have a great week!Rae 🙂

  2. Mim, you are looking great! Well done on your sensational loss so far. Can’t believe there is another Joss Whedon fan on the 30+ board!!!I am a big fan of his work, but always feel like I am way older than most of his viewers, LOL! Good to know I’m not on my own!!!Lisa66

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