Why is it kids won’t share toys…

…but are more than happy to share their lurgies? I had David (aged 9) home from school Monday and Tuesday with a horribubble cold and this afternoon it became apparent that he has generously shared it with me 😦 My head is thumping, my throat is sore, and my sinuses are nicely blocked. No walkies for me today, I’m going to bed with some lemon tea.

Went a little over on points today, using up yesterday’s saved point and going into debt 1 1/2 for tomorrow, that should be easy enough to make up. I’ve cooked a huge batch of the Vegetable and Barley soup from The Really Contented Tummy Cookbook – 16 serves! My serving size seems to be smaller than the book’s so it works out at 1 point per serve, I’ve only had cooking tastes so far but it promises to be scrumptious!

I had a small FLYing triumph today. Usually when I’m in and out of the house all day I tend to look on the 20 – 30 minute blocks of time when I’m home as not long enough to do anything. Today I had a little voice saying “15 minutes” in my head, so I decided to see what I could do. In two 20 minute sessions I transformed my hideously messy kitchen into a merely slightly untidy but clean kitchen. I’m so glad I did it early in the day ’cause there’s no way I could have faced it after the lurgi hit this afternoon.

One thought on “Why is it kids won’t share toys…

  1. take care of yourself Mim, and your David sick too… :(remember, there are all those sugar free stepsils and sugar free vit c and echanacia drinks, so get stuck into them if you need to, and enjoy that soup! that whole book looks devine… i’m saving up for it, it’s too good to miss!take care, HUGS!Rae 🙂

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