Back to tracking

It seems I’ve been doing this thing where every second week or so I decide “this is it. I’m back on track and I’m going to make some serious progress”… but nothing much happens, or I do the two steps forward one giant leap back thing. It’s all getting very tedious and uninspiring. However, on Sunday I did something new, I did our menu plans for the next 2 weeks using the ones in the WW booklets. Whenever I’ve toyed with doing that before I’ve read through the main meals and been confronted with the vision of at least 5 major meal-time battles with the kids, not so this time and it’s not the meals that have changed, my god, I must actually be getting somewhere in the teach the kids to eat new stuff struggle!

The week started easily enough with spag bol and salad and much to my astonishment there was actually salad eaten, Tom even had seconds! Tonight we’re having chicken, pumpkin and noodle stir-fry which will be a little more challenging. I’m really looking forward to getting some variety into our eating and to getting the whole family eating a more balanced diet.

I’ve decided the Core Plan was not a good choice for us as a family – doesn’t really suit our lifestyle – so I’m using the points menu plans and because they’re based on 20 points per day while I’m on 26 there’s plenty of wriggle room ๐Ÿ™‚ Not having to calculate the points for everything I cook is great too, makes tracking so much easier.

Yesterday we said farewell to our Weight Watchers leader Lynnette, I’m really sorry to see her go as she has been just wonderful, there is hope she may return sometime in the future so *fingers crossed*!

I cleaned out my car today, it was ick! Now I just need to get the repairs done ๐Ÿ˜›

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